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Energy and Utilities Sector

Every day the sector touches the lives of over 65 million people across the UK – providing essential power, light, fresh drinking water, safe sanitation, waste removal, environmental protection and recycling.

Career Development

The sector relies on you being confident and competent in your role. This is why as a sector we offer ambitious people continual training and opportunities to gain further qualifications. See how Talent Source Network can help you.

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Talent Source Network brings together over 20 leading employers who are looking for ambitious people to secure the sectors future. Explore the diverse roles the industry offers and who you can be working for next.

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Entry level

Entry Level

The energy and utilities sector provides a range of career opportunities. Talent Source Network is the first stepping stone in launching your career.
Service leaver

Service Leavers

Leaving the armed forces and launching a civilian career can be challenging. Your skills and qualities are in demand across the sector.


The sector offers plenty of support and opportunities to allow you to grow and test your skills, qualifications and ambitions.

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Career Pathway

Whatever path you choose, it is important to choose an organisation that will continue to invest in YOU. Find out which roles may interest now and begin your career.


The energy and utilities sector has a huge role to play in supporting the UK progress. Find out more about the possibilities and opportunities in the sector.