Whether they’re the head of marketing promoting smart meters, the customer service representative helping you change your gas company, or an apprentice kick-starting their career - there’s a story behind everyone.

Read the stories behind the people making a difference in the energy and utilities sector. Be inspired…


Susan Robson, Principal Consultant, Internal Consulting, National Grid

Susan Robson, Principal Consultant, Internal Consulting, National Grid

"Diversity of thought has been proven to drive the most innovative outcomes and decisions, so making sure our workforce attracts and includes everyone means we can run our business more efficiently, effectively and innovatively."

Nick Haigh, Head of Analysis & Evidence for Floods, Water & Contamination, DEFRA

"The work of my team is vital to ensure what government does in water management is in tune with the natural world, what is going to work and what is worthwhile."
John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid

John's story - CEO, National Grid

"It’s an exciting time to be in the energy industry. The scale and pace of change is unlike anything we’ve seen before."
James, Engineering Graduate, SSE

James's story - Graduate - Engineering, SSE

"SSE stood out to me as a forward thinking company who saw the potential to embrace new technologies"
Myrtle, Chartered Chemical Engineer, Centrica

Myrtle's story, Chartered Chemical Engineer, Centrica

"I accepted a challenge in a role that no one understood and no one wanted."
Alison Fergusson, Principal Engineer, Ofwat

Alison's story - Principal Engineer, Ofwat

"The sector is an exciting place for engineers. Water and wastewater services are so vital for all, and the technical challenges and opportunities are endless."
Kirsty McDermott- Design Assurance Engineer, National Grid

Kirsty's Story - Design Assurance Engineer, National Grid

"The diversity of working in this industry is something that has really appealed to me."
Josh Haskett, Policy Analyst, Ofgem

Josh's Story - Graduate - Policy Analyst, Ofgem

"I’m very ambitious and hopeful about my career prospects whilst at Ofgem, and beyond. The graduate scheme is excellent for training, with a bespoke course for getting up to speed with energy and regulation."
Sophie Russell, Design Engineer, ScottishPower

Sophie's Story - Graduate - Design Engineer, Scottish Power

“It's an industry where you come to work, do something different every single day and have to constantly innovate.”
Svitlana Voronkova, Senior Analyst, Ofgem

Svitlana's Story - Senior Analyst, Ofgem

"Energy is an essential service that concerns us all and enables our life as we know it. It's an exciting sector with so much to learn!"
David Thorne, Chief Executive, Gemserv

David's Story - Professional

"I hope that as a business we can make a difference, however small it may be, to people’s lives and the planet."
Stephie Pascal, Graduate, Centrica

Stephie's Story - Graduate - Design Engineer, Centrica

“The work I do is important to almost all aspects of daily life - keeping us warm during the winter, keeping the lights on, and cooking food!”
Hema Padmanabhan, Professional Excellence Manager, Balfour Beatty

Hema's Story - Professional

"A key part of my role is assigning the right people, with the right qualifications and knowledge to each job so we are able to meet the needs of our clients."
George Newman, Graduate Management Trainee, FCC Environment

George's Story - Graduate - Management Trainee, FCC Environment

"I work in a fast moving, exciting industry, with great career prospects."
Nick Ellins, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills Group

Nick's Story - Professional

"A job in utilities also meant protecting the environment, supporting the economy and helping everyone from the local community to 65 million people across our nations. I was hooked."
Tom Dooks, Communications Assistant, Energy UK

Tom's Story - Professional

"The energy industry is fundamental to how we live our lives. It is underestimated in the role it plays in ensuring at the very least we can have your heating on or can cook a meal."
Safanah Riaz, Apprentice, British Gas

Safanah's Story - Apprentice - Customer Service Advisor, British Gas

"The opportunity to gain hands-on experience was one of the things that stood out about an apprenticeship and persuaded me this was the route for me."
Lewis Hipwell, Graduate, Kier Utilities

Lewis's Story - Graduate - Civil Engineer, Kier Utilities

“Every day is different and poses problems to solve, and that is what I really enjoy.”
Tanisha BeeBee, Policy Executive, Energy UK

Tanisha's Story - Professional

"I have a great relationship with our members, industry stakeholders and the Government – something I never thought I would have all in one job!"
Zoe's Story - Apprentice

Zoe's Story - Apprentice - Smart Meter Engineer, E.ON UK

“No woman should be put off by an apprenticeship with an energy or utilities company because it could lead to a new career with great prospects.”
Jan Ward, CBE, Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

Jan's Story - Professional

"There are so many opportunities in the energy and utilities sector and Talent Source Network is a great initiative to help you find them.”
Ben Mitchelmore

Ben's Story - Service Leaver

“I would recommend it to anyone leaving school or looking for a change of career, like me. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn.”
Mark Mulcahy, Catchment Operator for Networks, South West Water

Mark's Story - Professional

"The water industry offers a range of training opportunities to develop the skills needed to work in such a diverse field."
Rebecca Feeney, Organisation and Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

Becca's Story - Organisation & Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

"I knew joining a large sector would mean that there would be plenty of opportunities for me and chances to develop personally and professionally."
Jazz Chaggar, Talent Acquisition Manager, UK Power Networks

Jazz's Story - Professional

"Our overall strategy aims to break down any perceived barriers or misconceptions about working in this sector!"
Andy Campbell, Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

Andy's Story - Graduate Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

"Show your enthusiasm and contribute as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes early on and learn quickly."
Samantha Burchell, Network Operations Manager, UK Power Networks

Samantha's Story - Professional

"Working in my team is like a little family, where we all work for each other to achieve success."
Alex Lowe, Graduate, E.ON UK

Alex L's Story - Graduate HR Consultant, E.ON UK

“I’ve felt very trusted and pushed to do roles and projects that I don’t have previous experience in.”
Emma Mackay, Apprentice, SSE

Emma's Story - Apprentice- Electrician, SSE

"I feel respected in my role and I think that’s a really important aspect to any job."
Keren Maschler, Senior Manager, Ofgem

Keren's Story - Senior Manager, Ofgem

"I find it most rewarding when I feel that I really make a difference."
Alex Sanderson, Apprentice, UKPN

Alex's Story - Cable Jointer Apprentice, UK Power Networks

"I’m proud to be the first woman to gain this qualification. I’m dyslexic…my colleagues couldn’t have been more supportive."
Stuart Rattray, Engineering Academy Specialist, British Gas

Stuart's Story - Professional

“I chose to earn and learn at the same time.”

Zaid Jasat, Higher Level Apprentice, Electricity North West

"I believe I have definitely made the right decision; I haven’t looked back once thinking ‘do I regret this choice.’ The company looks after you; you actually get paid to learn."
Conor Stratton, Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services

Conor S's Story - Electrical Fitter Apprentice, Morrison Utility Services

"I am really pleased that I am working while studying, it is the best combination."
Jade Richardson, Meter Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

Jade's Story - Professional

"I was studying Health & Beauty and Plumbing. I thought I should keep my options open!"
Shannon, Graduate, FCC

Shannon's Story - Graduate - Assistant Contract Manager, FCC Environment

“Don’t let reservations or stereotypes hold you back. Waste is a vast and ever changing industry that is full of interesting challenges and opportunities requiring all sorts of skills.”
Urvashi Mistry, Stakeholder Coordinator, Northern Gas Networks

Urvashi's Story - Professional

"Working for Northern Gas Networks has opened so many doors for me."
Matthew Meechan, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Scottish Water

Matthew's Story - Apprentice - Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Scottish Water

“You should always show a willingness to learn and should always be enthusiastic about the area that you are interested in.”
Sarah Burgess, First Line Manager, Wales & West Utilities

Sarah's Story - Professional

"I love seeing women in engineering – we offer so much!!
Ryeannie Scullion, Apprenticeship, British Gas

Ryeannie's Story - Apprentice - Customer Service Advisor, British Gas

"Even though I had no idea what I was going into when I began my apprenticeship, it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done."
Wayne Fearn, Training Advisor, South West Water

Wayne's Story - Professional

"I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience from working in Health and Safety as I know that ultimately it will keep them safe."
Ellie Taylor, Graduate, E.ON UK

Ellie's Story - Graduate - HR Manager, E.ON UK

"I love working for a company who cares, and with people who care. I love how dynamic the sector is – no two days are the same.”
Alex McLoughlin, Professional, E.ON

Alex M's Story - Professional

"The opportunities involved with my role are fantastic; I have travelled across the UK, Scotland and Germany, attended conferences in London, and sailed on various different boats."

Conor D's Story - Graduate - Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

"There are so many opportunities to do different things or to move into totally different roles in the energy and utilities sector."
Iain Bell, British Gas, Professional, Talent Source Network

Iain's Story - Professional

"For me, going down the apprenticeship route has always been the right decision. It is a unique opportunity to learn about a role, and a business, in a really immense way."
Ryan Stafford, Graduate, Morrison Utility Services

Ryan's Story - Graduate - Project Planner, Morrison Utility Services

“What I love about working here, which is relevant to all roles I have done and will do in the future; every day is a new challenge.”
Sam Walton, Resourcing Analyst, South West Water

Sam's Story - Professional

"An exciting element of my job includes the opportunity to work on improvement projects, so I get to work with some great people on some very challenging tasks."
Curtis Geeves, Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services

Curtis's Story - Electrical Fitter, Morrison Utility Services - Professional

"As a STEM Ambassador I really want to let school students know about the opportunities for a career in utilities and hopefully my experiences can show what possibilities there are."

Samantha's Story - Apprentice - Advanced Programme, National Grid

"Working in an office wasn't for me, I love being outdoors so this apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity!"