Whether they’re the head of marketing promoting smart meters, the customer service representative helping you change your gas company, or an apprentice kick-starting their career - there’s a story behind everyone.

Read the stories behind the people making a difference in the energy and utilities sector. Be inspired. 


Jan Ward, CBE, Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

Jan's Q&A - Professional

“I am in a great position to help make a difference in our sector which is vital for the United Kingdom. I was once in need of inspiration.”
Sophie Russell, Design Engineer, ScottishPower

Sophie's Story - Graduate

“It's an industry where you come to work, do something different every single day and have to constantly innovate.”
Safanah Riaz, Apprentice, British Gas

Safanah's Story - Apprentice

"The opportunity to gain hands-on experience was one of the things that stood out about an apprenticeship and persuaded me this was the route for me."
Lewis Hipwell, Graduate, McNicholas

Lewis's Story - Graduate

“Every day is different and poses problems to solve, and that is what I really enjoy.”
Zoe's Story - Apprentice

Zoe's Story - Apprentice

“No woman should be put off by an apprenticeship with an energy or utilities company because it could lead to a new career with great prospects.”
Jan Ward, CBE, Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

Jan's Story - Professional

"There are so many opportunities in the energy and utilities sector and Talent Source Network is a great initiative to help you find them.”
Ben Mitchelmore

Ben's Story - Service Leaver

“I would recommend it to anyone leaving school or looking for a change of career, like me. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn.”
Rebecca Feeney, Organisation and Employee Development Apprentice, South West Water

Becca's Story - Apprentice

"I knew joining a large sector would mean that there would be plenty of opportunities for me and chances to develop personally and professionally."
Alex Lowe, Graduate, E.ON UK

Alex L's Story - Graduate

“I’ve felt very trusted and pushed to do roles and projects that I don’t have previous experience in.”
Emma Mackay, Apprentice, SSE

Emma's Story - Apprentice

"I feel respected in my role and I think that’s a really important aspect to any job."
Stephie Pascal, Graduate, British Gas

Stephie's Story - Graduate

“The work I do is important to almost all aspects of daily life - keeping us warm during the winter, keeping the lights on, and cooking food!”
Alex Sanderson, Apprentice, UKPN

Alex S's Story - Apprentice

"I’m proud to be the first woman to gain this qualification. I’m dyslexic…my colleagues couldn’t have been more supportive."
Stuart Rattray, Engineering Academy Specialist, British Gas

Stuart's Story - Professional

“I chose to earn and learn at the same time.”
Shannon, Graduate, FCC

Shannon's Story - Graduate

“Don’t let reservations or stereotypes hold you back. Waste is a vast and ever changing industry that is full of interesting challenges and opportunities requiring all sorts of skills.”
Matthew Meechan, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Scottish Water

Matthew's Story - Apprentice

“You should always show a willingness to learn and should always be enthusiastic about the area that you are interested in.”
Ryeannie Scullion, Apprenticeship, British Gas

Ryeannie's Story - Apprentice

"Even though I had no idea what I was going into when I began my apprenticeship, it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done."
Ellie Taylor, Graduate, E.ON UK

Ellie's Story - Graduate

"I love working for a company who cares, and with people who care. I love how dynamic the sector is – no two days are the same.”
Alex McLoughlin, Professional, E.ON

Alex M's Story - Professional

"The opportunities involved with my role are fantastic; I have travelled across the UK, Scotland and Germany, attended conferences in London, and sailed on various different boats."

Conor's Story - Graduate

"There are so many opportunities to do different things or to move into totally different roles in the energy and utilities sector."
Iain Bell, British Gas, Professional, Talent Source Network

Iain's Story - Professional

"For me, going down the apprenticeship route has always been the right decision. It is a unique opportunity to learn about a role, and a business, in a really immense way."
Ryan Stafford, Graduate, Morrison Utility Services

Ryan's Story - Graduate

“What I love about working here, which is relevant to all roles I have done and will do in the future; every day is a new challenge.”