Zaid Jasat, Higher Level Apprentice, Electricity North West

Becoming an apprentice was a fairly simple procedure for Zaid. He knew it was something he wanted for his career and always had ambition to join an established company like Electricity North West. Read more about what motivates him to pursue a career in energy.

Zaid Jasat

What do you do and where do you do it?

At the current moment in time I believe my manager aspires for me to be a project manager/construction engineer,  it is a small indication of what my role may entail. I will be based at the Blackburn department which is fairly local to me, it is also very close to the training academy. Our time at the training academy has mostly been an appreciation of roles within the business e.g. jointing, fitting etc. Getting and understand and feel for what all areas of the business include.

Why did you decide to become an apprentice?

The idea behind becoming an apprentice was a fairly simple, it was like a gut instinct. I knew it was something I wanted for my career, since I left high school. I always had ambition to join an established company like Electricity North West 

Did you ever consider going to university?

The question regarding going to University is straightforward, put simply I have never wanted to go, it has never been an idea for me and that is still true to this day

So far, do you think you made the right decision – what have you enjoyed so far?

What I’ve enjoyed the most has to be the atmosphere and people within the business, everybody is so easy going, friendly, helpful and there is great banter around the workplace, it just make coming to work enjoyable.

"I believe I have definitely made the right decision; I haven’t looked back once thinking ‘do I regret this choice.’ The company looks after you; you actually get paid to learn, whereas in most cases you pay to learn!"

What made you choose ENW?

 I knew it was right for me, especially after my interview, the ambition within the company to achieve "the best" is a huge factor for me. The drive and determination is something which really caught my attention, how hospitable and friendly everyone was to me on a day which could have been very nerve-wracking. The people who work here have been here for years' which show it’s a fantastic company to work for and I’m really beginning to see it now.

Tell us something interesting about you?

I’m a huge sports fan, watching, playing, and talking about it. You name it. I have won many trophies playing in sports competitions from football all the way to table tennis, still play when I can but a recent knee injury has stopped me from getting out and about for a while. I also aim to contribute to charity as much as I can, because helping the less fortunate really brings you down to earth and highlights how grateful we should be, it also brings an element of peace within!

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