Our Graduates

Want a career that helps provide essential services to 65 million people in UK every day?

Join our team of #unseenheroes who joined a graduate scheme in the energy and utilities sector to help keep the lights on, provide fresh drinking water and a better and greener future for the UK. You can have a background in engineering, finance or even HR - graduate schemes range from technical and engineering roles to commercial roles.

Find out what our graduates have to say about their jobs and why they chose a career path to really make a difference.

James Williamson, Engineering Graduate, SSE

James's story - Graduate - Engineering, SSE

"SSE stood out to me as a forward thinking company who saw the potential for renewable technology and a shift in focus towards greener alternatives."
Josh Haskett, Policy Analyst, Ofgem

Josh's Story - Graduate - Policy Analyst, Ofgem

"I’m very ambitious and hopeful about my career prospects whilst at Ofgem, and beyond. The graduate scheme is excellent for training, with a bespoke course for getting up to speed with energy and regulation."
Alex Lowe, Graduate, E.ON UK

Alex L's Story - Graduate HR Consultant, E.ON UK

“I’ve felt very trusted and pushed to do roles and projects that I don’t have previous experience in.”
Andy Campbell, Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

Andy's Story - Graduate Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

"Show your enthusiasm and contribute as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes early on and learn quickly."

Conor D's Story - Graduate - Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

"There are so many opportunities to do different things or to move into totally different roles in the energy and utilities sector."
Ellie Taylor, Graduate, E.ON UK

Ellie's Story - Graduate - HR Manager, E.ON UK

"I love working for a company who cares, and with people who care. I love how dynamic the sector is – no two days are the same.”
George Newman, Graduate Management Trainee, FCC Environment

George's Story - Graduate - Management Trainee, FCC Environment

"I work in a fast moving, exciting industry, with great career prospects."
Lewis Hipwell, Graduate, Kier Utilities

Lewis's Story - Graduate - Civil Engineer, Kier Utilities

“Every day is different and poses problems to solve, and that is what I really enjoy.”
Ryan Stafford, Graduate, Morrison Utility Services

Ryan's Story - Graduate - Project Planner, Morrison Utility Services

“What I love about working here, which is relevant to all roles I have done and will do in the future; every day is a new challenge.”
Shannon, Graduate, FCC

Shannon's Story - Graduate - Assistant Contract Manager, FCC Environment

“Don’t let reservations or stereotypes hold you back. Waste is a vast and ever changing industry that is full of interesting challenges and opportunities requiring all sorts of skills.”
Sophie Russell, Design Engineer, ScottishPower

Sophie's Story - Graduate - Design Engineer, Scottish Power

“It's an industry where you come to work, do something different every single day and have to constantly innovate.”
Stephie Pascal, Graduate, Centrica

Stephie's Story - Graduate - Design Engineer, Centrica

“The work I do is important to almost all aspects of daily life - keeping us warm during the winter, keeping the lights on, and cooking food!”