Careers in STEM suit all personalities and skill levels, including GCSE passes (or equivalent). You can choose to work in a whole range of different areas. The engineering jobs that invent new technologies, the technical jobs that help develop new energy sources, or even the maths jobs that require expert researchers and advise in furthering the UK’s economy.

“In 1919, the founders of the Womens’s Engineering Society explained that women could be engineers; 100 years later, we’re still talking about how women should be engineers!” Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO, Women’s Engineering Society
Kirsty McDermott - Design Assurance Engineer, National Grid

The diversity of working in this industry is something that has really appealed to me. Regardless of background and previous skills and knowledge, I have found somewhere I can apply what I know and become an asset to the business.

Kirsty's Story - Design Assurance Engineer, National Grid

Engineer at Cadent Gas Limited